Mill Farm Strawberries

Top Ten Tips

  1. Dont leave it too long and miss out. The picking season may only last three weeks and usually begins in early June. Keep an eye out for open signs and ads in the local papers such the Essex County Standard and the Evening Gazette.
  2. Buy from a local grower, such as Mill Farm, to ensure best quality and flavour. Mill Farm grows traditional varieties that have been developed for flavour rather than shape and shelf-life. They come to you fresh and have not been in a cool chain.
  3. If you bring your own container, make sure you have it weighed before you pick to ensure that the weight can be deducted at the end.
  4. Dont just pick at the edges of the fields as this is where most people stop meaning there wont be much left for you!
  5. Ask the owners where to pick to find the best fruit. At the peak of the season when the plants are heavily laden the strawberries often meet in the rows. Try not to stand on them!car park
  6. Place an order with your local grower if you need a large number of strawberries, for a special event, or dont have time to pick your own. You will avoid disappointment.
  7. Keep them cool and out of sun to make them last longer.
  8. Farms will often sell off yesterdays fruit cheaply and its ideal for jam making.
  9. Buy British not only are you supporting rural communities, but its better for the environment.
  10. Remember strawberries are a natural detox, they are soooooooo good for you!
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